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The Benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) for Businesses of All Sizes

The popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) among businesses in the cloud market is largely due to its ease of accessibility and cost efficiency. All that is needed is an internet connection and a browser, and there is no need for customers to use their internal IT resources. The vendor takes responsibility for any technical matters that may arise.

Today, businesses of all sizes are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) for their cloud computing needs. It’s become the most popular option for companies because of its convenience and flexibility.

Unlike other types of cloud services, SaaS requires no special hardware or IT expertise. All you need to access your SaaS application is an internet connection and a web browser. The vendor takes care of all the technical issues, so customers don’t have to worry about managing the software themselves.

This hands-off approach to cloud computing has made it the top choice for businesses of all sizes. It’s especially useful for small businesses, who may not have the resources to maintain their own IT infrastructure. With SaaS, they can access the same software and services as larger organizations, without the complexity or expense.

SaaS has also become popular due to its scalability. Companies can add or remove users and features as needed, allowing them to adjust their cloud usage according to their business needs. This can help save money, since companies don’t need to pay for more than they use.

Overall, SaaS is a convenient and cost-effective way for businesses to access cloud computing services. It’s easy to use and requires minimal technical expertise, making it ideal for businesses of any size.

The advantages of SaaS don’t end with convenience and cost-savings. It also provides companies with greater security than on-premise solutions. With SaaS, vendors manage all the technical aspects of the software, so customers can rest assured that their data is secure.

SaaS also offers faster implementation times than traditional on-premise solutions. Companies can sign up for a SaaS service and have it up and running within days or even hours, whereas on-premise solutions can take weeks or even months.

In summary, SaaS provides greater flexibility than on-premise solutions, more convenient and cost effective. Companies can easily add or remove modules and features as their needs change. They can also adjust their subscription plans to fit their budget, allowing them to get the most out of their cloud investment.

Overall, SaaS is a great choice for businesses looking to get the most out of their cloud computing services. It’s easy to use, cost-effective, secure, and offers a greater degree of flexibility than traditional on-premise solutions.


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Hospital Management System

Run your hospital operations on the cloud or on-premise software and be ensured of its reliability, security, and ability to scale to your needs through its multi-center capabilities.

Take control of your hospital’s operations with Savvy Hospital Management System. Our secure, cloud-based platform provides you with the tools to streamline core processes like patient registration, billing, insurance claims, and more. By automating time-consuming tasks, you’ll save time and money while providing a better experience for your patients. Stay on top of your efficiency with comprehensive reporting and analytics for real-time insight into your operations. Get ready to revolutionize hospital management with Savvy Hospital Management System.

  • Enjoy a quick & efficient patient registration process, accurate billing and real-time analytics.
  • Streamline your hospital administration & help your patients get the best care possible in no time!
  • You’ll increase accuracy, reduce paperwork and save time – so you can focus on providing the best care for your patients. Get started today with the Hospital Management System – helping you run your hospital at peak performance!
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Business Intelligence ERP for SMEs

Techno Savvy Associates is a fast-growing technology company, supporting the Digital Transformation of ambitious and high-impact SMEs. We believe that Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role in realising sustainable and inclusive development and economic growth. However, many SMEs lack the professional infrastructure required to grow their business, increase profitability and realise sustainable impact.

We work closely with SMEs to streamline their company processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. But most importantly, we support our clients with access to reliable, accurate and timely business & impact intelligence so that they can focus on running and growing their business, instead of waiting for reports and data.

Our tool of choice is Dolibarr ERP system. We support our clients to implement Dolibarr ERP and use the system to its maximum potential. We use Dolibarr ERP to digitise and streamline our clients’ financial, operational and administrative processes. When required, we develop custom applications that are fully integrated with the Dolibarr system.

The majority of our clients are agricultural SMEs based in East and West Africa, but we also serve clients in other (high impact) sectors and regions.

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Professional Business Email for visibility, branding and recognition.

Enjoy a domain-based email address of your choice to represent your business and help manage communication. Here you can add email accounts, set up forwarders, enable auto-responses, create mailing lists as well as aliases

Get professional Company Email for visibility, branding and recognition.

  • Build customer trust with professional email addresses and easily create your emails like by registering and hosting your domain with us.
    Create as many group mailing lists as your company needs, like – Send a mail to this group email, and it goes to all members in that team.
  • Cost: Domain Registration and hosting will cost Ksh. 4,500 per year, you get unlimited email IDs. We will create the emails for you at no extra cost.
  • Our cloud ultra-reliable servers guarantee 99.99% uptime on your email. Industry-leading security, spam protection, and automatic backups help protect your business data.
  • More than just E-mail. Use the same domain to host your company website.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry is using Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and any other available free email service. Stand out of the crowd.

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The Best ERP Software For Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is among the fastest-growing industries in terms of productivity and continues to exceed expectations on a global scale. Apart from driving several national economies through production alone, the industry has also emerged as a viable option for automobile dealers, making it a multi-vertical sector with different segments.
However, it also has its share of challenges and problems that has created hurdles in business growth. Automotive ERP software systems allow you keep track of your operations and help you analyse the outcome.

We have the best ERP and CRM software solutions for the automotive industry that are ideal for car rentals, leasing, dealerships and workshop management businesses. These robust DMS systems make businesses more capable of handling the entire sales and leasing cycle, from inquiry and product selection to pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and delivery while synchronizing data related to inventory, logistics, financial accounts and billing.

Top Benefits of Our Software

  • Operation and resource efficiency
  • Streamlined processes for garage management
  • Inventory and delivery management
  • Integrated with accounting and tax-ready

Automobile dealers and workshop managers face numerous unique challenges on a daily basis, most of which arise due to mismanagement of complex business operations. Apart from impacting the growth opportunities, these issues can reduce productivity and affect revenue.

Cloud hosted automotive software systems are effective tools that allow users to automatically gauge work-in-progress from anywhere, keep track of each spare part used, manage labour allocation and notify users about the delivery due date.

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ERP For Distribution Management

Distribution and supply chain establishments function as the main connection through which producers reach the market and sellers deliver the products to customers. Today, distributors face several challenges that are a result of the technological evolution of the market and ever-changing customer demands. Integrated ERP systems are the key to overcoming these problems and putting businesses on the success trajectory.

Our wholesale distribution solutions are built to seamlessly integrate financial accounting, customer service, delivery planning, and all other operations functioning across the business. These systems also provide real-time view of all activities that occur in each department, from one centralized platform. Wholesale distributors and retailers face multiple challenges that could be solved by deploying an integrated ERP system.

Distributors often face ambiguity and lack of clarity in demand, owing to which it becomes difficult for them to manage and balance their inventory. With the increase in demand fluctuation and customers expecting shorter response times, distributors face acute challenges in keeping the inventory properly stocked and ensuring quick order processing.

Evolve your business with our feature-driven distribution ERP software. With the comprehensive modules included in the ERP solutions, all distribution processes are aligned to perform with maximum operational efficiencies.

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Project Management ERP

The ERP software simplifies project management via its advanced project costing and management module. It covers all aspects of project handling, including project acquisition, estimation, quotation, and definition of budget. With the ERP application for project management, you will benefit in real-time insights on project progress along with its financial information. It is the best-suited program for businesses operating in project-based industries such as planning & development, facilities and architecture, with many more features to take advantage of.

Project Costing and Management software offers advanced tracking tools and planning functionality specifically designed to meet unique needs. It helps to draw data directly into a project plan regarding real-time activities. It lets you identify the project, synchronizes the dates, monitors the status / deadlines, ensures productivity irrespective of whether you are running a single or multiple project.

“The project management ERP software module also handles comprehensive billing requirements of the project industry. You could ensure resource availability and avoid running out of resources through efficient inventory optimization, allowing you to have a detailed view of resource capacities to enhance delivery efficiencies.”

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ERP Software For The Cleaning Industry

Cleaning services and solutions is among the business verticals that saw a massive rise in demand since the COVID-19 swept the world. As an important service sector, its vitality in the domestic, commercial and industrial spheres has increased thousand-fold. The pandemic has made it more important for businesses in the sector to embrace digital transformation and process automation.
The challenges faced by cleaning service providers have all but multiplied due to the new normal. Along with the problems faced before Coronavirus, businesses now face several new problems. The only way to overcome these hurdles and transform them into opportunities is by using automation-driven ERP software, specifically designed for the cleaning industry.

Cleaning service providers face numerous challenges that are a result of volatile market, increased competition and a customer-base whose expectations are higher and much more complicated. In the following, we explore some of the major hurdles faced by this service sector.

The ERP software solutions has been customized for cleaning services companies to create automated workflows and processes for driving all operations from a single platform. You can direct operations, track activities, ensure compliance with service standards and generate reports.

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Tax ready POS System

Software is best for:- Pharmacy Business , Electronics , Hardware Business , Supermarket , Grocery Business , Service Based Business , Grocery Business , Wholesale & Retail shops , Laundry Business among others.

The POS software is the most advanced modern retail billing software. The system can be deployed on-premises and on the cloud to automate your retail operations and manage them efficiently. It includes features that perfectly match the needs of any small, medium and large-scale retail business. Let us know your requirements and our tech professionals would help you deploy the required modules of best POS billing software for your business.

Take a quick tour and see how smartly you can manage your retail store with our help!

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