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The benefits of using a custom domain

  • A domain name gives your business credibility and tells customers you’re here to stay.
  • Having a domain name related to your industry can help you rank higher for similar keywords.
  • A unique domain name makes it easier for customers to remember you and find your business later.
  • Customer engagement matters


Having a domain name ensures the future and the integrity of your brand. These days, it’s literally the first thing you do before starting a new venture, and it’s also the very first thing unscrupulous competitors may do to keep you from success. You can sign up your domain with any hosting package or you can register the domain without a hosting package (if you’re not ready for that just yet). Registration without hosting still offers full DNS control, so you can point your browsing and mail records to any IP address, depending on your specific requirements.

There are three main benefits to using a custom domain: branding, trust and discoverability.

  • Branding: Purchasing a custom domain for your campaigns helps promote your brand. This is easily the biggest benefit of using a custom domain. By using a custom domain that reflects your brand, you are promoting brand consistency. Folks won’t need to guess if the site they’re visiting is associated with your company or not when your brand name is right there in the domain.
  • Customer Trust: With all of the phishing scams going around the web nowadays, it’s not surprising that people are wary of clicking on a URL they don’t recognize. Using a custom domain that is clearly connected to your business can encourage customers who trust your brand to click the link for your promotion.
  • Discoverability: Using a custom domain improves your search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines look at the root domain on sites. A custom domain that reflects your brand is typically more relevant to what a user is searching for than a generic domain. If that’s the case, then your site with the custom domain will likely be ranked higher. Plus, the more campaigns you run using the same domain, the higher your search ranking will be. When you run new promotions under the same domain you used for previous ones, those new campaigns have a better chance of being seen toward the top of search results sooner.